For the past 17 generations, Rivas has been ruled by the Dineat Family. The current monarch is King Dhakus who has ruled for 20 years. The royal family is made up of Queen Ziabe (murdered 15 years ago), Princess Zashah, and Prince Jabarro.

Rivasdetail.jpgh1. Geography

Rivas is bordered by 5 of the 9 countries of Lucia; Nayeli to the west, Reida to the southwest, Vega to the southeast, Liu to the east, and Sandual to the north. Thanks to its central location, the country is a melting pot of cultures and races. The capital city of Delrivia is located in the center of the country, and along the cost of Urits Bay. Other main cities include Bronzeward, Ravenbarrow, Windwich, Barevein, and Stillwell.

Well-known geographical features include the Delocke Forrest, the Molocke Mountains, and Morrow River.


Rivas is mostly comprised of humans, but has a wide range of other races and cultures that have mixed into the fabric of society, thanks to the country’s location and (since the reign of King Dhakus) relatively progressive government.




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