Dungeons and Bookworms

Entering the City of Sleep

Session Five

• The group leveled up!
• Party traveling to Reida to acquire demon stones from kingdom of the elves.
• Approaching the city of Bronseward (2nd largest city in Rivas) trade city.
• Caravans have to stop in this city before heading to capital, travelers must get visas from the trade warden in Bronzeward before they can enter Reida.
• Group stopped for camp about a day out from city. Things that happened overnight: Lady Catherine Trivino has disappeared and Lyssin will not wake up.
• Catherine is now a booK, due to a faulty spell she cast back in the castle trying to condense all her books into a more portable package.
• As the group approaches the city, they notice that there are crowds of people fleeing in a hurry. The group approaches a family and learns that there is a strange malady that has affected the citizens. The city is under quarantine- the people fleeing escaped before it took place, and aren’t sure there will be anyone left to enforce it now. The disease is a sleeping sickness that arrived with a fog (“like a cloud that descended and left an oily residue behind), and put almost everyone to sleep (many people seemed to resist it for a time) (elves are immune). Cannot be determined how contagious the malady is, sleeping people taken out of the city don’t seem to wake up.
• Another question is the sleeping plague magical in nature. Yes
• Crew looks for a sleeper, sees covered carts. Approach a covered wagon driven by a young man. He looks nervous. Armand stops the gentleman and tries to hire his cart (as a distraction while Erremiel attempts to climb in the cart and look to see what’s there). Armand, with the highly diplomatic aid of Valencia, successfully convinces the driver that he has a left hand horse when he needed a right hand horse. Trivolin also investigates cart. Erremiel discovers a chest full of gold (she takes some- 15 gp), and a sleeping woman. In his distress, merchant turns back to reveal his sleeping wife in the cart and discovers Erremiel already in the cart. Valencia examines wife, and determines that the cause of her sickness in not in this plane, and moving those effected won’t lessen the symptoms.
• Group notices a woman approaching the city while everyone is fleeing. She shows interest in the people leaving, but stays to the shadows. She has been listening to this exchange.
• Erremiel talks to woman, who once she’s assured the man on the cart was ok, leaves. Trivolin tracks the woman as she and the group approaches the city.
• Asking Catherine: Does she know of anything like what has been described in the city? Answer: geographic spell or curse of this magnitude would require a focus of some kind. Like a model.
• Group camps outside the city, goes in first thing the next morning. Meet woman again. Trivolin asks her why she’s trying to get into the city. Learns she is a dream healer; she heard about the illness and was sent in to find the source. After a bit of suspicion, she accepts that the group is willing to help and has good intentions entering the city. Her name is Kai Linnow. She has a suspicion about what is keeping people asleep. Group enters city together.
• Two guards question them as they enter the city; they let them in due to the presence of the dream healer Kai, and inform them they won’t be able to leave once they enter.
• As the group enters, they seem people who are asleep all over; seemingly where they fell. A few people are awake, and look out at them from windows, but no one moving in the streets. Strange shadows seem to fill corners of the city.
• Moving through the city, Trivolin takes to the roofs, and spots three suspicious people. Group follows, but they disappear. Group splits to accommodate the cart, driven by Greilin (prince & princess, Lyssin inside). Cart occupants all fall asleep.
• Group comes upon a trade house; set it up as base of operations while looking for source of illness and the mysterious people.
• Greilin, now asleep & dreaming is in the same city, but after witnessing the prince fly away, attempts it and realizes he too can fly. Journeys further into the city towards a giant shadow tree. Notices a citizen attempt to fly and fall to his death. Greilin experiments with dream powers. (Wisdom)
• Party of three: Halfling, orc, human. Angry Halfling overheard arguing with the first two.


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