King Dhakus


king_dhakus.jpgKing Dhakus is the 17 king of Rivas from the Dineat Family.


Dhakus has ruled Rivas for 20 years, and his reign has brought about an era of prosperity to the realm. He has been well loved by the populace, but his rule hasn’t been without controversy. Shortly following the death of his father, he removed all priests from the Noble Council, bringing about the first completely secular government in Rivas. This drastic change brought great improvements to the lives of the commoners, who previously had suffered from rampant corruption of the priestly caste. The Priests and nobility strongly opposed this change. For the first few years of Dhakus’s reign, he and his family were the target of multiple assassination attempts. Following the successful murder of Queen Ziabe, Dhakus sent his children, Princess Zashah and Prince Jabarro into hiding in the country for their own safety.

The death of Queen Ziabe marked a turning point in Dhakus’s rule. The entire country mourned the passing of the gentle queen, and Dhakus himself became much more demonstrably pious. This piety, while only playing a role in his personal life, assuaged much of the fears of the nobles and Priests. The governance of the country remains secular, but religion plays a very important role in the culture of Rivas.

Recently there has been growing concern from the Council and the nobility about the succession. King Dhakus has disregarded the tradition of naming the eldest son as heir, and has instead named his first child, Princess Zashah, as the next in line for the throne. Opinions are split about her ability to rule, especially since the royal children has spent much of their lives away from the capital city of Delrivia.

King Dhakus

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